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In April, it’s our 30th year of trading.  Just look at the salary levels on the job adverts we were placing then!  Wow.  Yes, we really were called Rainbow Recruitment and in 1998 our name change gave us a more grown up identity to reflect how much we had evolved in those ten years.  We grew very fast and became the first Bedfordshire Agency to install training and testing software for our Clients and Candidates.  So much so, others followed our lead!  We had guess who to open the training wing for us?  Can you guess who?  Yes, he really did take a test with us; but I am sworn to secrecy of how well he did!  Thanks also for the mention on Radio 1 Simon!  Back then, there was no WWW, emails, Facebook, Instagram and mobile phones were just being introduced to cars (which were the size of bricks I can assure you).  We are proud to have embraced this new technology age and as a result, we are efficient and up to date with all the latest platforms available to us today.  It’s great.  Spectrum has become a respected Agency locally, nationally and internationally working with small SME’s, National Corporates and Global business leaders.  We are proud of our heritage and our growth and will be celebrating this special birthday with our Candidates and Clients – all of whom are still working with us today.  Not bad for a small independent SME wouldn’t you say.  We don’t think there can be many out there like us but if there is we salute you too!